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Zeytinlik / Hotel - b7801

Price: £35,000,000
TypeHotel Area Beds- Baths- PoolCommunal FurnishFully furnished




I -1-Investment Type:

            New investment.

   2- Investment Issue:

            Five star resort hotel and casino

   3-Investment Location:

            Girne/North Cyprus (T.R.N.C.)

   4-Investment Condition:

            80% has been completed.

   5-Date of Completion:

18 months after the credit facility.

   6-Economic Life of the Project:

            Will be Permanent.

   7-Project’s Capacity:

            Totaling 500 beds, 134 standard rooms, 30 exclusive rooms and 62 bungalows.


            Totaling 102 personnel. (excluding casino and spa.)

   9-Electricity Demand:

            1200-1250 KVA’ .An 1250KVA’ Elec.Transformer has already been installed.

   10-Project’s Objective:

            It will provide service to both convention and casino tourism with its amphitheatre,spa,swimming pools and other amenities.It’s a very profitable investment and it will make positive contributions to country’s tourism.



II -1-The Presentation and Objective of the Project:

            This ‘’Resort Hotel and Casino’’ project belongs to a Cyprus  company. And the location of the project is Girne (North Cyprus). Referance numbers of the plots are sheet/plan: XII 19 W1, plot no: 33/3, 34, 35, 36, 37 and 38  with the area of  31 dönüm  (41 487 m²).

            The last population census proved that the population of Girne has been growing fast because of domestic and overseas migration.The main reason of foreigners’ comings is that Girne Region has the biggest potential in terms of tourism.With its fabulous seaside,natural and historical prosperities, Girne is the preferred region of Cyprus.Therefore most of the  local and overseas tourists prefer this area.It’s the main reason that domestic and foreign investors in the field of tourism focus on this region.

            As for the project’s location,Girne American University is in the east,there is a residence area in the west,the sea and a residence area are in the north and BeĊŸparmak mountains range is in the south.

            This project which was located between two main roads in the East of girne,is very worthy due to its location.Since this area has a high touristic and residential potential there are a lot of various hotels and enterprises around.

            This project is located on a 41 487 m² land and consists of three main sections.

            a-) Hotel

            b-) Bungalows

            c-) Recreational  Areas(outdoor and indoor swimming pools, amphi, sports areas, etc.)

These main sections were integrated with green areas and supported with car parks.It has a 500 beds capacity and it is designed as a project with five stars.

            a-) HOTEL: (Closed area 16 157 m² )

i) Basement Floor: (Closed area 3774 m²  (Casino, Multi-purpose Hall, Conference Hall, Kitchen, Laundry,Machine room, Hall and Corridors, Restrooms, storerooms))

ii) Ground Floor: (Closed area 2827 m²  ve open terraces 904 m²  (Reception, Lobby, 2 Restaurants, Shops, Cafe & Bar, Lounge, House keeping room, Restrooms.))

iii) Mezzanine Floor: (Closed area 931 m²  (Administration offices, Offices for rent, Kindergarten, Clinic and doctor’s room, Multi-purpose hall, House keeping room, Restrooms, etc.))

iv) First Floor:  (Closed area 2878 m²  (Rooms, House keeping room))

v) Second Floor:  (Closed area 2754 m²  (Rooms, House keeping room))

vi) Third Room:  (Closed area 2752 m²  (Rooms, House keeping room))

vii) Fourth Floor: (Closed area 240 m²  (Presidential suite) +roof terrace  2 512 m² )


            b-) BUNGALOWS: (Closed area 3 137 m² )

There are 62 bungalows, mainly in two types, totally there are five types of  bungalows.

i) Type A: (Closed area 1 455 m²) There are 15 double bungalows,totally 30.

ii) Type B: (Closed area 1 682 m²) There are 2 blocks consist of 16 bungalows,totally 32.


            c-) RECREATION AREAS: They are designed as four seperate sections.

                        i-) Areas combined with accomodational areas ( Area 4 147 m² )

ii-) Aqua park ( Area 2 783 m² )

iii-) Amphitheatre ( Area 445 m² )

iv-) Outdoor sports areas ( Area 10 706 m² )


i) Areas combined with accomodational areas: (Area 4 147 m²) 2 Bars and a Cafeteria, a Restaurant, an outdoor swimming pool , sunbathing terraces, a indoor swimming pool and terraces, an internal garden, a gym, Spa (Türkish bath, Steam bath, Vapour room, Massage and therapy rooms, Jacuzzi, Multi-purpose hall, Changing rooms +restrooms, storage.)

ii) Aqua park ( Area 2 783 m² ) It is designed to entertain the guests with its 85 m²’ tower, 1 698 m²’ swimming pool and 1 000 m²’terraces.

iii) Amphitheatre ( Area 445 m²) It is designed to host and  entertain our guests in comfortable conditions and even if it’s required, guests can be seated and served at tables.

iv) Outdoor sports areas ( Area 10 706 m² ) Include tenis court, basketball court, turf, mini golf and the location of these activites are seperate from hotel and bungalows for to not give discomfort to the customers.

All these activites will be completed with useful service areas and paths. The best advantages of this project is the location, because it is the middle of forest and it is only 3 km. away from center of Girne, and 500 m. away from sea. Trees were protected when the construction commenced. The rules of ecology laws which is issue 21/97, item 13-6 are following when the project was starting and during finishing.

II -2-Life of the Project:

The life of this ‘’Resort Hotel and Casino’’ project will be permanent. All maintaniances will be made on time to protect the permanent use of the project.

II -3-Service Objectives of Project:

To give the service with ISO HASEP and CE certificate standarts and to create an alternative to the turizm custimers and this project will be enter the best list of 5 star hotels in North Cyprus with services and building concepts.

II -4- Market and Service  Objectives:

To give the services of holiday, health, conferance and casino turism customers with ISO ,HASEP and CE standarts to the local and foregin persons. With the best traditional hospitality.





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